Research highlights

Gary Cuddeback headshot
Gary Cuddeback, Ph.D.

At the School of Social Work, our research is well aligned with VCU’s strategic priorities and is focused on enriching the human experience, achieving a just and equitable society, and optimizing health. Our multidisciplinary research collaborations at VCU involve departments and schools throughout the university, and our research and scholarship engage local, state, national and international partners. 

Our programs of research cover a broad spectrum that includes child well-being, intellectual and developmental disorders, resettled refugee families, mental health and substance use, neurobiology, health and behavioral health services and treatments, and international populations, among others. Whether we are creating new knowledge, evaluating practice, developing and testing new interventions, or examining the impact of policies, our faculty members ask critical questions to address the most important social justice issues of our time.

Gary S. Cuddeback, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research and Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

By the numbers

Publications: 63 published in press or accepted; 17 revisions and resubmissions; 35 additional manuscripts submitted for peer review. Presentations: 53 at national conferences; 29 invited presentations/local engagements; Projects: 39 active; 34 proposals submitted; $1 million in funding; $2 million including continuations and subawards.

Research publications